Record Breaking Fundraising in 2014 Leads to High Estimates for 2015

Fantastic news! According to the Council of Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), education fundraising has had an outstanding year and is estimated to continue improving in 2015. The survey results show that schools, colleges and universities in 2014 had an estimated annual growth in donations of 6.9%, which marks the highest annual growth since 2007.

However, it’s not just education fundraisers that are raising the bar this year. Already in 2015, the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump in Milford, NY saw substantial growth from $111,000 donated at their 2014 event to $127,000 donated in their 2015 event. That’s a very impressive $16,000 (14%) increase in just a year.

Another large-scale, cold water fundraiser, the New York Polar Plunge, shattered its former donation record of $301,000 set in 2014 with an incredible $327,000 earned. That’s a spike of $26,000 (9%) in just one year’s time.

Why Are We Seeing Such a Resurgence in Charity?

There’s a number of reasons that something like this could occur, but the answer may be as simple as, people are finally becoming more comfortable with their financial situation again.

What we mean is, it’s no coincidence that CASE found the highest growth since 2007 considering the huge economic downturn that took place in 2008. It’s been nearly 7 years since the United States entered a recession and, without jinxing it, perhaps this is a sign that the nation’s beginning to make a recovery.

What Does This Mean for Fundraisers in 2015?

This development is extremely exciting for any business or individual looking to raise funds in 2015, regardless of the type of fundraiser. So whether it’s large-scale educational programs, freezing cold challenges for charity, laser engraved brick fundraisers or any others, you may be looking at a very prosperous year.

One fantastic way to raise money for schools, churches, hospitals and other businesses is to conduct a laser engraved brick campaign. When someone donates to your brick fundraiser, their name is literally set in stone for the world to admire. Plus, each brick comes together in a distinct structure that can be a great addition to any business.

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