The Top Fundraising DOs and DON’Ts for a Successful Campaign

Whether this is your first fundraiser or your hundredth fundraiser, you know one thing—fundraising is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task. There are countless pitfalls to avoid and tons of problems that can occur. So, how on Earth are you going to pull off this upcoming fundraiser? Well, here at Fundraising Brick we have more than 25 years of experience putting on successful fundraisers and we want to share the vast knowledge that we’ve accumulated with you.

Take a quick look at our list of helpful DOs and DON’Ts of successful fundraising.

DO Have Realistic Goals

This is always step number one. You have to know what you plan on doing, who you plan on targeting for donations, what your financial goal is and, most importantly, why you’re doing this. Without this none of the rest matters. After that, you should have fun with it. Create a campaign that is tried and true, but with your own spin. It’s that mixture of stability and creativity that works well.

DON’T Get Greedy

The key is “realistic.” Find your goal and stick to it. If you’re asking too much or pushing too hard for donations, you probably won’t achieve as much as you would like.

DON’T Do it On Your Own

Fundraising is just like any other project, it has tons of moving parts and jobs to be done and there’s no way that you can successfully do it on your own. Create a team of co-workers, friends and volunteers to help you and your organization achieve your fundraising goals.

DO Give Them a Reason to Give

Incentive, incentive, incentive. Every fundraiser needs to have a reason for people to give. If all you ‘re offering is that good feeling you get from being charitable, you’re not giving enough. Give them a takeaway—a gift, a membership, a discount, cookies, anything to help sweeten the pot.

DON’T Make Giving a Challenge

If a donor has to work to make a donation, then they aren’t going to donate. Make donating simple through a variety of avenues: a dedicated phone line, P.O. Boxes, contact sheets, booths, web pages, etc, where people of all generations can feel comfortable and happy giving to your organization’s cause.

DO Acknowledge Generosity

No donation should go unnoticed. Make this fundraiser one that they will remember by sending them a thank you email, letter or gift that shows that you are grateful. Give them a way to feel good about what they have done with their donation.

DO Keep Track of Donors

When it comes to donors, you aren’t finished after a donation is made. Make a point to learn from that donor and every other donor. Keep a detailed list of their contact information and donor behavior so that you can rely on them as a resource for your next fundraiser or affiliate fundraisers.

Additionally, keep them informed on the progress of your campaign. Make them feel like a real part of something and that they have made a difference in.

At Fundraising Brick this is what we specialize in. We have used our 25 years of experience with fundraising to create a fundraising campaign technique that is proven effective, elegant, smart and overall successful.

We offer full fundraising assistance on all of our commemorative brick campaigns to ensure that your campaign goes off without a hitch. This assistance includes 24/7 service and an extensive library of marketing materials. For more information on commemorative brick campaigns or to start a campaign of your own, contact Fundraising Brick by phone at 855-274-2547 or click here.

To find inspiration on a commemorative brick campaign, click here to view our photo gallery.

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