4th of July Fundraiser Ideas

Ah, Independence Day. The one day out of the year where we all stop to remember how our forefathers rebelled against the British to found this great country and protect all the rights that we hold dear today. Rights that allow us to believe what we want, say what we feel and pave our own way to a better life. So, let’s celebrate by putting those rights to use. Pave your organization’s path to a successful future with a 4th of July fundraiser!

Check out our list of creative and patriotic fundraising ideas that you can use this Fourth of July!

American Flag Sales

Bring out your community’s patriotic side by selling the old stars and stripes. You can sell a variety of sizes from small handheld flags that can be placed in yards to bumper/window stickers to full-sized beauties. With a modest markup you can make a handsome profit using this technique. Go door to door, send out donation letters and use social media/crowd sourcing to ensure a huge success.

Patriotic Craft and Bake Sales

From red, white and blue cakes to novelty quilts, a Patriotic craft and bake sale is a fantastic way to raise funds and bring your community together this 4th of July.

All American Car Wash

Car wash fundraisers are nothing new, but this one adds a little twist. Have donors bring in their car for a full service wash and when it’s all said and done they get a complementary window mounted flag. So, not only will their hot rod be sparkling clean, but they will also be displaying their admiration for their country all summer long.

Independence Day Play

Gather up local actors and volunteers from your community and put on the best play the town has ever seen. Perform historical moments like the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For an adorable twist, you can even team up with your local school to have children put on the play.

Commemorative Bricks

Organize a commemorative brick fundraiser to create a lasting symbol of your community’s generosity and patriotism. Each donor marks their generosity in stone by engraving their name on a brick in the structure. This will not only help you reach your fundraising goals this 4th of July but also create a landmark in your community.

To learn more about how a commemorative brick campaign can work for you this Independence Day, contact Fundraising Brick by phone at 855-274-2547 or click here. Ask us about how we can help you make your next fundraiser a successful one.

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