The Basics of a Successful Fundraiser

There are many types of fundraisers that are used to raise needed funds for charities, events, or organizations. The most successful fundraisers are those that result in raising at least the minimum amount of money needed, with the minimum investment of time and money by the person or group who is managing it. Once you look at the factors that make a fundraiser successful, you will understand why selling engraved bricks for fundraisinghas proven to be an effective way of raising money for so many organizations.

1. Consider the real reason for your fundraiser. While the primary purpose of a fundraiser is typically to raise money, there are also secondary goals which should be considered during the planning phase. An organization that is fairly new and unknown may use a fundraiser to get their name and services noticed. It may also be an attempt to make connections with other businesses that have products or services that could assist them. Whatever your reasons may be, offering something as distinguished as our etched bricks for sale will make the right impression.

2. Most businesses have come to realize the value of marketing tools. From inexpensive novelty items, to more useful products like calendars and USB drives, most marketing tools are designed to put your business or organization’s name in front of the right people and inspire them to do business with you. Our engraved bricks work a little differently. They inspire donors to support your cause by giving them something meaningful. It takes away that feeling of giving something for nothing. Instead of a simple novelty, they get an impressive personalized brick that will last for a lifetime.

3. A lot of time, money, and effort goes into a fundraiser, often placing a big burden on the person who is in charge of the project. Without an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to persuade people to get on board with your charity or event, it is especially difficult to meet your requirements. We help take the stress out of planning your fundraiser by making our fundraising team available to you whenever you need them. We offer guidance and support that reduces the time you have to devote to planning and confirming plans. We stand apart from the rest with this level of customer service, so you can devote the time needed to other tasks, without sacrificing any important details.

You are never on your own when you turn to Fundraising Brick for the laser engraved fundraiser bricks that are customized to meet the specifications of every donor. To learn more, or for your free quote, call us at 1-855-BRICKS4U.

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