How Churches Can Raise Money With a Brick Fundraiser

When churches and other religious institutions need money for new buildings, renovations, supplies, community programs, charitable outreach and education initiatives, selling engraved bricks has proven to be an effective fundraising method with the added benefit of ongoing donor recognition. A commemorative brick or tile campaign is ideally suited for any religiously affiliated organization, including churches, synagogues, mosques or cemeteries. We have had great success working with churches, in particular, to sell engraved bricks to create walkways, patios or commemorative walls. Fundraising Brick can further enhance your project by not only engraving the donor’s name, but also the religious symbol of your choice.

No Project Too Big or Too Small

On a larger scale, engraved bricks may be used in an entire building or more commonly, as the main wall on an addition that has been funded by the fundraising brick campaign. With large capital projects are the main focus of the fundraiser, engraved bricks are a great way to publicly show who supported the project. Not only does this give donors appropriate recognition, but potential donors may be swayed to give if they know their name will be forever associated with the project.

Small projects are equally well suited for fundraising bricks and tiles. From fountains and garden walkways crafted from bricks to moderately sized tile insets in the floor, there is really no limit to the scope of the project or the fundraiser. If you can build it with bricks, you can build it with fundraising bricks, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by as you plan your next giving campaign.

Raise Funds with a Lasting Memorial

One of the reasons that engraved bricks are such an inviting option is that they will last and be seen by many people for many years to come. They are also good for the main purpose of raising money, because you will keep a large portion of the selling price as profit. With careful planning, you can raise the money that you need for almost any project that you decide on for your fundraising needs. Still have questions about how fundraising bricks and tiles can work for your religious organization? Let the team at Fundraising Brick put together a customized plan for your project, including how to best market to your potential donor base, project design, and assistance with streamlining the order process to ensure your fundraising potential is maximized. To learn more about our fundraiser programs, call 855-BRICKS4U (274-2574).

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