Using Memorial Bricks in a Fundraiser

There is no question that engraved memorial bricks offer organizations a cost-effective method of raising needed funds. Selling bricks for fundraising doesn’t require you to purchase a lot of the product in the hopes of guessing accurately at how many people will want to purchase them. Instead, you sell the bricks at a price that is higher than the cost to you and keep the difference as a profit. You don’t pay or place the order until the donor purchases a brick, so there’s no inventory to keep track of and no possibility of excess supply when the campaign is complete.

Sometimes organizations consider these types of fundraisers but aren’t sure how to go about setting up a project. Fundraising Brick will help you set up the perfect project for your specific needs. Projects can be designed to accommodate any size fundraiser, whether you are considering a small wall inset designed in tile or an entire building made of bricks.

The important thing is to determine what the project will encompass and a timeframe for the completion of both fundraising and creation of your end project. While often times the engraved bricks are actually used to construct the building, memorial, etc. for which funds were being raised, it is also possible to use fundraising bricks to raise money for a special initiative or program, where physical construction isn’t necessary. In this case, you are able to create a visually appealing structure to recognize your donors in addition to funding the underlying cause. There are many ways to effectively use fundraising bricks, but some of the most popular projects include:

  • Walkways – Nothing is more striking than walking along a walkway where the names of loved ones, fallen heroes, or professionals are woven into the brick pattern.
  • Walls – A brick wall can be placed almost anywhere, and at any length, as a functional way of separating two areas or simply for the purpose of serving as the memorial marker.
  • Platform for a Monument or Marker – Add even more emphasis to your cause by using our quality laser pavers to make the perfect setting for a larger tribute.
  • Entryway – Make an impact with a brick walkway that leads to the entrance of a building to which you want to pay homage.
  • Fountains – Surround the beautiful flowing sculpture with a brick setting that will create the perfect memorial art!
  • Gazebo – What better way to get names and other messages noticed than by placing the beautifully etched bricks where people can sit and enjoy them?

Take advantage of the many benefits of a brick fundraiser by creating the perfect project for your needs. Learn more about Fundraising Brick by calling 855-958-0516.

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