How to Obtain Donations for Your Organization

A brick fundraiser can be a very successful way to raise money for your organization. Our bricks are beautifully made and will practically sell themselves. However, getting the most from your efforts will require you to follow some practical tips that will get your fundraiser off to a productive start and make the most of your sales.

  • Do your research before you present the idea and recommend that you try fundraising with engraved bricks. If you present your idea to the organization or board before you know the answers, you will leave the decision makers with too many questions. To inspire interest and convince everyone who needs to be on board, know all the aspects of how a brick fundraiser works, from how you will present the project to potential donors, to what will be done to display the bricks.
  • Give your donors a reason to want to help you meet your financial goals. Keep it positive and give them detailed information about how the donations will be used and the difference they will make to the community and in the lives of others.
  • Have a definitive goal set firmly in place for how much money you need, when you need to raise it, and how you will go about meeting your goals.
  • Get the word out. The more people you contact with information about the fundraiser, the better your results will be. Use every means of advertising your event that is available to you, including word-of-mouth. Have everyone involved in the project reach out to touch those individuals who might not otherwise be inclined to join in.
  • Remind donors that giving to a fundraising brick campaign means their name (or the name they designate) will forever be associated with your organization and this project, making this a great way to make donations as a gift or in memory of a loved one whose legacy you want to ensure is never forgotten.
  • Incorporate photos into your advertisements. Images can sell ideas faster than any words.

Brick engraving fundraising is an effective way of raising money for all types of groups, including schools and universities, churches, civic organizations and social clubs. With a sincere desire to help your cause, strong organizational skills, and the dedication needed to carry through on the project, you can get the exceptional results that you hope for when you work with Fundraising Brick. Call us to learn more about our fundraising bricks and how we can help you create the perfect fundraiser for your cause at 855-958-0516.

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