Jail and Bail Fundraiser

Jail-N-Bail involves a mock jail set up in a school, at an event/game, a church function, or another high-traffic public area, such as a shopping center, etc.

Option #1: Gather as many volunteers as you can to be placed in your mock up jail (between 5 & 50). Each volunteer must sell a certain number of bricks in order to be bailed out. Your organization can set the amount of bricks to be sold for the volunteer’s bail out. We recommend each volunteer be required to sell between 2 and 5 bricks for their bail. The jailbird volunteer will need to be prepared to call their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to obtain their brick bail out money. After the volunteer has been bailed out, they are free to go and your organization will have achieved additional brick sales for your cause. Most incarcerations last for one to two hours.

Option #2: The brick bail out begins with someone calling your organization requesting the “arrest” of their boss, spouse, a politician, friend or co-worker. An off-duty police officer or volunteer “arrests” the unsuspecting participant, serving them with a brick warrant. He or she is then whisked off to “jail”. When the participants arrive at the “jail”, their bail is set by a judge. Make sure participants either have a phone or are provided with one when they arrive. The jailbirds make pledge calls for brick sales to friends, relatives, and co-workers to earn their bail. Most incarcerations last for one to two hours.

This was developed for groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser… and even wackiness in some cases. You might find this fundraising idea perfect for your group/organization.


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