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Family Tree

Have you started to discover your family history and want to create a family tree?  Now that you’ve discovered so much information, don’t just keep all your research hidden online and tucked away in file cabinets and shoe boxes! Share and preserve your family tree and celebrate your roots by creating a very special family tree using laser engraved tiles or bricks.  We recommend using one brick for each family member, so that you can include everything from names and dates to images and phrases that best encompass what that person is or was about.  The best family trees are the ones that let your family’s personality shine through.   Let us help you turn your family’s history into a walkway, wall or even a piece of art.

Engraved family trees can be simple (incorporating only your immediate family into a basic freestanding design) or complex (incorporating many generations into a more complex installed design feature).  Either way, custom engraved bricks and tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to ensure your family tree perfectly matches your vision.  Additionally, Fundraising Brick offers an assortment of font styles and a library of over 1500 unique clip art images that you can use to enhance your family tree design, at no additional charge to you.

The family tree can be created by one person to give as a gift (with a unified design throughout) or they can be created in collaboration, so that each tile in distinctive and unique.  This makes for a great arts and crafts project to do during your next family reunion, so that each member of your family is able to create their own tile, and can design it to reflect their individual personality.  Additionally, engraved brick family trees can be installed as pavers at a family lake house, so that everyone can enjoy the masterpiece when they visit for generations to come.

But don’t just take it from us that our engraved tiles and bricks make for great family trees and garden memorials to loved ones who have passed.  Our customers always say it best:

“On a personal note, I've been to the Memorial Garden and the bricks look so nice! My mom was very pleased with the one she had dedicated...it was done exactly as she had hoped. Take care and thank you! -Gretchen






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