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Fundraising Templates

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Fundraising Flyer Templates

These templates provide the basic structure you need to design an attractive, colorful bi-fold or tri-fold brochure which you can either mail out to your patrons and potential donors or to distribute as a handout during a kick-off event.

This template will allow you to insert custom pictures that will provide a visual summary of your goals for the project and the people you are doing this for.

This template allows you to customize the text you want in the brochure but also provides canned information about our brick and tile laser engraving process and, most importantly, a full order form that can be used for brick orders.

Fundraising Donor Letter Template

A sample letter you can customize with your brick campaign details and goals.

The targeted audience for this letter is your patrons and potential brick donors.

This template is designed to add your organization’s logo, since most likely you will be sending this out to your potential donors.

The form can also be printed onto existing letterhead.

The key portion to this letter is a description of the goals of your fundraising campaign to inspire potential donors to want to give to your organization.

Fundraising Order Form Template

An ordering template you can customize with your specific engraved brick or tile campaign details.

You can use this form to gather the brick orders from your patrons and donors for your brick campaign.

The final version of the form can be distributed in a printed format or in a PDF format for downloading from an email or a website.

This form is used for brick orders with up to six lines of text and up to 20 characters per line.

The key portions to the order form are:

  1. The cost of the bricks
  2. Method(s) of payment
  3. Brick lettering options and sizes
  4. Donor inscription and clipart entry
  5. Donor contact information.

Fundraising Order Form Template Text

A pre-designed template that can be using to document your engraved brick inscriptions and clipart information requested by your donors.

This template can assist your campaign manager and help track all of your donor inscriptions and orders.

Fundraising Signup Sheet Brick

A combo flyer sign-up sheet you can customize for your own engraved brick project and post for your patrons and potential donors.

The purpose of this document is to gather the level of interest for the project and to determine how much your committee will need to reach out to get the amount of donations needed to fulfill your monetary goals.

This first page summarizes your engraved brick project and provides the key details interested parties will need to consider before ordering.

The last two pages of the document is a simple grid for interested parties to supply their names.

And, lastly, this document provides the contact information of the person who will be go-to person for your brick campaign.

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