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You have a great fundraising idea that utilizes the impact of engraved tiles or bricks, but if you’re like many of our fundraisers, you have an increasingly difficult time engaging new donors for your fundraising project.

There are always your loyal supporters who will give to your cause as soon as you announce your campaign, but motivating other potential donors often requires a different approach. That’s where Fundraising Brick helps YOU! Let our team of experts help your organization meet their fundraising goals!


When you choose Fundraising Brick as your trusted service provider this FREE service is included in your campaign support. Let us help your brick or tile campaign suceed, Contact Us Today!

New Brick Recognition Program

At Fundraising Brick, we are launching an exciting new recognition marketing program for fundraisers. This program will help your cause reach a broader audience resulting in greater total donations.

This program includes:

  • Your Own Fundraising Campaign Donor Page
  • Promotion Through Fundraising Brick Marketing Channels
Fundraising Donor Campaign Page

Every organization that signs up for our easy to use fundraising portal will have a landing page optimized to improve the donor experience and allow your supporters to make secure online donations.

Marketing Channels Promotion

Additionally, we will help your fundraising campaign reach a much wider audience by promoting your donor website through the Fundraising Brick social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fundraising Brick will send out posts using our social media channels to help your fundraiser at no cost to your organization.

This means that anyone who follows our business on these platforms will be presented with information about your fundraising brick campaign and will have the opportunity to make a donation.

As people begin to interact with a post we make about your organization, their personal social networks begin to see our post about you, and before you know it, your fundraising campaign has global reach.

As a fundraising professional, identifying new donors can be one of the hardest parts of your job.  Let us help you spread the word organically at no additional cost to you.

At Fundraising Brick we are committed to helping your organization maximize total donations.  That’s why we’re leveraging our network to help promote your cause.

Find out more about how our recognition marketing program can help you attract new donors with ease today!


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