6 Sporty Baseball Fundraisers for Your School Team

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6 Sporty Baseball Fundraisers for Your School Team

It’s finally baseball season! That means peanuts and Cracker Jacks, tailgate parties and, most importantly, supporting your favorite local school baseball teams. However, this year let’s do more for our local teams. Let’s really help with a great fundraiser that the whole community can get involved with.

Here’s a quick list of fundraising ideas that can raise funds and promote team spirit for your school’s baseball team:

  • 1.Local Business Discount Cards
  • Many local and national businesses, restaurants and organizations are more than willing to support local sports teams by offering discounts on their services and products. The proceeds of which go towards your team. Round up a bunch of them and put all their offerings into a handy card or booklet. It’s an irresistible package that benefits your community and your team.
  • 2.100 Inning Baseball Games
  • Give your community a fun day out at the local ball park with a 100 inning baseball game. Anybody can pay to play per inning and can drop out whenever they want. Set up some local games, craft booths and concession stands around the event for additional revenue. This is a memorable and fun event that the whole family can enjoy.
  • 3.#1 Fan Clubs
  • Celebrate your biggest supporters by giving them access to your team’s exclusive fan club. These are the grandparents, parents, students, alumni and community members that attend almost every game; rain or shine, win or lose. By becoming a member of this club they pay for access to prime seating and unique apparel that lets the town know how much passion they have for their team. A fan club can not only boost funds, but can also boost team spirit at games.
  • 4.Season Events
  • Make every milestone of the season cause for celebration. You can set up events around tryouts, picture day, playoff games and championships. At these events, set up silent auctions, concession stands, games, raffles and more to make these an opportunity to raise funds and build support for your team in the community.
  • 5.Team Spirit Products
  • Hats, t-shirts, jerseys, sweatpants, shorts—give families and friends the apparel they need to express their passion wherever they go. These products are always in style and can be made cheap for additional team profits.
  • 6.Commemorative Brick or Tile Campaigns
  • With a commemorative brick or tile campaign, your local fans can cement themselves in the fabric of your school’s team forever. In these campaigns, each donation helps to improve the look of your dugout, baseball field or gymnasium with the installation of a high-quality, laser engraved brick or tile personalized with your donor’s name. These installations last for generations as a statement of team spirit throughout the years. This is the perfect solution to create a sentimental connection between alumni, family and community members with your school’s team.
  • For more information on a commemorative brick fundraiser for your school’s sports team, contact Fundraising Brick by phone at 855-BRICKS4U (855-958-0516) or click here.
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