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Every day fundraisers go off without a hitch; meeting their goals and realizing their cause. We’ve seen it done successfully hundreds, if not thousands, of times, but what about the fundraisers that didn’t reach their goals? What do the successful fundraisers know that these didn’t?

Well, take a look and find out for yourself. This list reveals the secrets that the most successful fundraisers use to grab the attention of their donors and keep them giving over and over again.

  • 1.Know Your Campaign
  • To have a successful fundraiser, you have to know your campaign inside and out. You have to know exactly what your raising funds for, why it’s important, what materials you need in advance, the scheduling of your campaign, etc. This step is your opportunity to plan ahead and ensure that you have all the information and resources you need to be prepared throughout the course of the entire campaign.
  • 2.Know Your Target
  • Once you have your fundraiser planned out top-to-bottom, you absolutely have to know who your donors will be. Fundraising is more than just blindly throwing out a request for funding. It’s calculated and direct. Not everybody is going to want to donate, which makes it extremely important to direct your communications to only the people that will be interested.
  • 3.Give Them a Reason to Give
  • Alright, so you know your campaign like the back of your hand and you know who you’re trying to get donations from. The next step is to incentivize. Give your donors a reason to give that’s more than just that warm, fuzzy feeling. Give them a product that displays their generosity or an event that celebrates their donations; anything that makes them feel like the donation they made was recognized and appreciated.
  • 4.Promote it Non-Stop
  • Get the word out there. It’s incredible to see the difference that promoting your fundraiser has. Use advertising materials and media resources to communicate your cause to your target donors. We’re talking about flyers, pamphlets, emails, social media, even radio and television commercials. Wherever your target donors are, that’s where you want to be.
  • 5.Don’t Stop After a Donation
  • Just because you receive a donation doesn’t mean you’re done. Use your donors contact information to continue reaching out to them and keep them informed about the progress of your cause. The trick is to really make the donor feel like they are a valuable part of your cause. Make them excited about it. Once they’re in you may have a donor for life. Reach out to them again on your next cause and causes that you support.
  • With a Fundraising Brick Campaign you receive more than 25 years of experience in the fundraising industry. We know these secrets and want to work with you to make your next fundraiser a successful commemorative brick campaign.
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  • For more commemorative brick inspiration, click here.
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