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Fundraising Goal Thermometer to Track Your Campaign’s Success

Fundraising Brick has developed an integrated tool that will allow you and your organization to track your online sales—the real-time fundraising thermometer. This tool will allow you to set sales goals and will automatically update as orders are placed using our online order page, allowing donors to see their immediate impact on your fundraiser.

Our fundraising goal thermometer is also available for manual orders that your organization is taking. We have integrated this into a simple Excel file that is user-friendly and easy to use—just contact us and we’ll send it to you.

How the Fundraising Thermometer Works

Your online fundraising thermometer is available online, and will be displayed on your campaign web page. Your brick fundraising goal is at the top of the thermometer and your donation progress is marked by how much the meter is filled. The thermometer also displays what percentage of your goal has been achieved. It will update automatically from any online orders and manually from any physical orders using a personalized Excel file.

How it Benefits Your Campaign

Potential donors will immediately know what you need, how they can help and the impact they are making. It’s the perfect way to promote and explain your cause simply and quickly, resulting in more donations.

Change the way you record and track your cause’s progress forever. Try out our Fundraising Brick Goal Thermometer on your fundraising campaign. For more information on how you can utilize this effective, new tool for your own commemorative brick campaign contact us by phone at 855-958-0516 or click here.

Click Here – View the Spreadsheet Data & Chart, see your Contribution to Sample Company’s Fundraising Goal!

Click here to learn more about this amazing new fundraising goal tool!

Fundraising Goal Thermometer Sample Company

Fundraising Brick is proud to introduce our integrated fundraising goal thermometer! Your donors can now see how their brick purchase has contributed to your organization’s goals. Brick donors like to be recognized and see how their contribution has helped your special cause.

Your organization can choose from a variety of chart styles and colors. We can customize the goal thermometer to fit your organization’s need and allow your donors to see as much or as little as you desire. Track your fundraising goals as orders are placed!

Chart Style Examples