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Wibaux Fountain Memorial Walk Buy A Brick Campaign

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One of Miles City’s most cherished landmarks, the Florence Stacy Memorial Fountain in Wibaux Park is in need of restoration.  The fountain was gifted to the City in 1916 by L. W. Stacy in memoriam of  Florence, his daughter, when the City acquired the land for Wibaux Park.   Since then, the Fountain has been a place for daydreams, contemplation, romance and meeting friends.  The lovely music of bubbling water in the beautiful setting of Wibaux Park  has cast a magical spell for many, many Miles City generations .  It has lured  our youth, and the young at heart to splash, laugh and play, or perhaps just dip fingers or toes while thinking.

Place memories of your loved ones within the beautiful setting of the Wibaux Park Fountain. To help raise funds for the restoration of the fountain, the City will design and place a beautiful memorial walk around the fountain. Using 8”x8” pavers in a beautiful design, the walk will be 6’ wide to accommodate pedestrians, wheel chairs and strollers comfortably.

Memorial Benches will be placed around the memorial walk at intervals that invite contemplation and provide privacy.

DFor more information, please contact Connie Muggli at cmuggli@milescity-mt.org.

 Laser engraved bricks are the perfect opportunity to make a permanent impression that will last forever.  Celebrate family milestones and honor or memorialize loved ones.  Recognize that special person in your life. Honor a casual effort or commemorate a special occasion. You can buy them in your name or the name of a friend or family member; in celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary; in honor of a soldier or veteran; or in memory of someone you love. Businesses, firms and organizations are also encouraged to participate. Donate today and don’t miss out on being a part of Wibaux Park Fountain engraved donor brick campaign.

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