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Weirton Christian Center Build-A-Building Project Buy A Brick Campaign

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Our numbers have grown tremendously in the last nine years… going from approximately 40 children in 2006 to 277 registered in 2014  for Afterschool, Summer and Preschool programs.  They need a SAFE Place ALL UNDER ONE ROOF…to Learn about the Power the Lord can provide for their daily situations…Receive homework and access to computers…Healthy snacks and dinner…Clothing, shoes, hygiene kits and groceries they need…and the opportunities to learn valuable lessons about dealing with life. We have prayed for a new facility and explored many different directions.  God has heard our prayers and for the first time, we are closer than ever to being able to build a new facility.  Our matching funds of 40% (up to $300,000) will come only after we have raised the remaining 60% of funds.  We are also applying to foundations and for grants to help with this project.  The property is purchased and the plans are completed!

Direct questions to Kim Weaver at

A donation to this commemorative brick campaign makes you a lifelong part of this cause in a very real, very concrete way. Not only will Weirton Christian Center be eternally grateful for your support, but your name will be recognized as part of a distinct brick structure as a testament to your selflessness.

With our laser engraving process each brick celebrating a family milestone, honoring a loved one, or pledging to a cause will last hundreds of years. This ensures that you and your family have a life-long reminder of the difference you have made in your community.

The key to the success of this campaign is you. Donate today and be part of a worthy cause and have your name set in stone. Thank you for your patronage.

A Fundraising Brick campaign is the perfect way to raise funds for your next big cause or commemoration. Plus it really shows your appreciation to each contributor. For more inspiration on a commemorative brick campaign of your own, click here and explore all your options.

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