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Veterans Community Project – Veterans Village Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Veterans Community Project will be housing homeless Veterans in tiny houses, while providing additional service to treat the root cause of the homelessness for that Veteran. These bricks will be used for a central memorial walkway that will lead to the homes.

For questions regarding our engraved brick fundraiser, please email or call (816) 599-6503.

When you donate to the Veterans Community Project commemorative brick campaign, your contribution goes towards a worthy cause. Each brick in this installation provides your community with a lasting reminder of your generosity and donation.

Engrave a brick in your name or the name of a loved one; honor a soldier or veteran; honor a firefighter or police officer; in memory of a special person in your life; honor a teacher or student; recognize your school or church; mark a special date in your life (graduation, birthday, baptism, communion, anniversary, or wedding), the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss out and donate to Veterans Community Project brick fundraiser today!

Fundraising Bricks process of laser engraving is the latest and most effective brick engraving method available today. We use it to ensure that your commemorative personalized brick lasts a lifetime.

Each contribution made to our cause is a literal building block to our fundraising campaign success. Donate today to become a lifelong part of our worthy cause. Thank you for your patronage.

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