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The CARE Project Family Retreat and
Education Center Building Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: December 31, 2020

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Johnnie Sexton, Au.D./Executive Director at or call 910-233-0994


30 Cottages:  A Path to Our Dream

I have had a vision for many years now for The CARE Project to have a permanent site for 3 clear-cut reasons:

  1. Family Retreats:  bringing groups of families together with one common issue (like hearing loss) to realize that they are not alone, that they have a community of support and to gain advocacy skills and confidence to continue their emotional family journeys.
  2. Professional Education: bringing professionals who provide services for families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing together for continuing education opportunities on a variety of topics that would strengthen their skills and sensitize them to the family emotional journey.

How do we make this a reality:  would YOU consider buying one or more bricks inscribed with your message or name to help us reach that goal?  The bricks will be used to create a beautiful garden area with a wall display.

The Goal:  We set out to raise the funds to make this happen.  Can we sell 100,000 bricks at $100 each to have the funds to purchase, renovate and construct 30 cottages.  I believe we can.  The bricks will be used to pave a walkway from the main buildings to the 30 cottages and a half circle around the perimeter of the cottages, much like an embrace by those who help make this dream come true!!!  Here are some considerations:
1 brick @ $150
9 brick plot @ $1350 (3 x 3)
16 brick plot @ $2400 (4 x 4)
25 brick plot @ $3750 (5 x 5)
100 brick plot @ $15000 (10 x 10)
500 bricks for a wall section (builds one 2000 sq ft cottage) @ $75,000

Would you buy a brick and make possible the dream of helping families across North Carolina and the United States?
Would you buy a brick and make possible the enhanced education and experiences for professionals to do an even better job at providing services for these families?
Would you buy a brick to make available overnight accommodations for families in need of a place to stay while receiving medical/clinical/surgical services?

30 Cottages and a Dream:  Building A Path To Our Dream

Thank you,
Dr. Johnnie Sexton, Au.D.
Executive Director/Founder
The CARE Project

Contact Dr. Johnnie Sexton @

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