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Texas County Memorial Hospital Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick


Texas County Memorial Hospital (TCMH) Healthcare Foundation invites you to invest in the future of quality health care by supporting our brick paver program.  The bricks can be bought and engraved with names and dates for different occasions, such as to commemorate an anniversary, celebrate an event, or placed as a memorial for a loved one.  Birthday bricks may also be purchased for those who were born at Texas County Memorial Hospital.  Personalized pavers are a wonderful means of honoring others in a lasting, meaningful way.  Businesses, firms, and organizations are also encouraged to participate.  Gifts to the Foundation help assist Texas County Memorial Hospital in its mission to improve the health of the people and communities it serves.

Paver Campaign FAQs

• Where will the engraved pavers be installed? Pavers will be installed in an area adjacent to the main hospital entrance where the front canopy support columns are located.

• What does your gift from the paver campaign support? Donations from the TCMH Healthcare Foundation’s paver campaign improve patient care by supporting the completion of a new surgery facility.

• What process is used to engrave the pavers? Pavers are laser engraved to create the most durable and permanent paver marking in existence.

• How often will bricks be installed?  Installation of pavers will occur twice a year in the fall and spring until the designated area is full. Bricks will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.

About TCMH Healthcare Foundation  The Foundation helps to support Texas County Memorial Hospital in its mission to improve the health of the people and communities it serves.  The TCMH Healthcare Foundation offer donors a variety of giving options. For more information, call us at 417-967-1377. Thank you for your support!


 For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Jay Gentry at Jay.Gentry@tcmh.org.

The world we live in was built on two things: stone and teamwork. At Fundraising Brick, we understand this and that’s why our business focuses on both. The stone we use comes in the form of the highest quality bricks that can be engraved with the latest and greatest laser engraving technology. The mark produced by this method is sharper and longer lasting than any other technique available today. The teamwork comes in the form of fundraising. Fundraising is the epitome of bringing together a community to make a financial effort to raise a person or organization to an even higher level.

We combine our bricks and our fundraising into one cohesive resource for you.  Every donation made to Texas County Memorial Hospital fundraising campaign is the purchase of a commemorative brick with your name on it that will be put into a timeless and distinctive structure meant to honor you and your community’s generosity.

Engrave a brick in your name or the name of a loved one; honor a soldier or veteran; honor a firefighter or police officer; in memory of a special person in your life; honor a teacher or student; recognize your school or church; mark a special date in your life (graduation, birthday, baptism, communion, anniversary, or wedding), the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss out and donate to Texas County Memorial Hospital brick fundraiser today!

We’re confident that a commemorative brick campaign from Fundraising Brick is the right choice for your organizations fundraiser. For more ideas on how you can use our laser engraved bricks, click here.

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