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SRGDRR Expansion Brick Campaign

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This will enable us to not be so dependent on foster homes when in urgent need.  This would be just a temporary holding facility but buys them time when in shelters or owner surrenders are in desperate need of immediate placement.  Our plan is to be able to hold about 7 to 10 at first and build more as we see the need.  The big picture is to turn this into a 24/7 doggy day care and boarding/vetting facility.  We will also house a behaviorist/trainer.    We are able to start our plans in motion when funds are raised completely, hoping within the next month or two, otherwise we lose this more than generous offer.  So many are in need and we can’t help them without fosters or kennels.  Please help us become better and more available to assist those in need by donating today to our expansion. Thank you so very much!  Go Team ROCKY!

SRGDRR is a 100% volunteer organization. Like all humane groups, SRGDRR is in the unique position of helping both humans and pets. In our case, the pets are Great Danes and Great Dane Mixes, and the people are those who have or want the companionship of the breed or, often, just dogs in general.

SRGDRR helps Danes:
By providing for the rescue and care of those who have been abandoned, neglected, and/or abused by their previous owners.
We spay/neuter and provide medical treatment as necessary to return the Dane back to good health.
We also supply training/socialization to ensure their adaptability to new, good homes.
We work to place rescue Danes to people who provide secure, loving, and healthy homes.
SRGDRR spends an average of $400 per dog that enters our rescue. In order for us to continue providing the best care and vetting for these babies, we need donations and adoptions.

Your donations help us make sure that every Great Dane in our care gets the medical help that he or she needs. We are all volunteers at SRGDRR Inc aka Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab – every dollar that we receive in donations helps us help them get the care and vetting they deserve.

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