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Building Sideways Farm and Brewery Brick by Brick

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We want YOU to be a part of our brewery.  Purchase a brick to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, loved one, treasured pet, favorite cause, promote your organization, or just because you want to be part of our community.  Some donors choose to remain anonymous, using only an image or quote, while others simply donate a brick bearing their family’s name. It’s up to you. Proceeds will help us build the brick patio in front of the brewery, filled with engraved bricks like yours.

True to the mantra of the South, we believe that, “life is better on the porch.” We believe in people coming together and forming a community. We believe in sitting around talking and sharing experiences.  We believe in local food and local farms. We believe that good beer should be available to all. What could be better than fireflies and friends on the front porch of Sideways Farm and Brewery?  A front porch made out of bricks specially engraved for you and your friends.

So why is our front porch a brick patio?  Bricks are part of our local history. Beginning in 1923 Etowah, NC was home to The Moland-Drysdale Brick Company located at the now Etowah Valley Golf Club.  We wanted to honor the tradition of bricks in Etowah, and involve many neighbors, friends, and family in our patio.

Be a part of the ongoing history of Etowah by purchasing an engraved brick for our patio.  Each donation is a literal building block to our success as a small community brewery.

For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Carrieann Schneider at

Extraordinary things can happen when ordinary people come together to rally around a worthy cause. That’s what Building Sideways Farm and Brewery is depending on.

Small actions can make a big difference, and now is your opportunity to offer a lending hand to your community. Personalize and donate an engraved brick today. You can either remain anonymous and engrave an inspirational quote or you can print your name for your whole community to admire. It’s up to you!

Then fill out the brick donor order form above to finish your donation. Building Sideways Farm and Brewery thanks you for your donation in advance.

When Building Sideways Farm and Brewery meets its fundraising goal, they will install the donors’ brick into their patio for your entire community to see.

So donate today. Or, if you’d like, contact us to set up a campaign of your own.

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