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“Our Pet Project – Pavers for Paws” Brick Campaign

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Engraved Brick Order Deadline:
Phase 1 brick fundraising efforts will continue through 2016 with the hope that we will have the necessary capital to begin our dream in 2017.
Phase 2 and beyond still live in our imaginations!

Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc., founded in 2006, is a no-kill cat and dog shelter that is 100% volunteer run.  We are dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned and special needs animals and finding new adoptive homes for them or providing a lifelong sanctuary.

2016 marks our 10 year anniversary and we are ready to grow and expand. Unfortunately, our current location can only accommodate cats year round and dogs a few months out of the year.  We rely heavily on our foster homes. While foster families are integral and necessary to our rescue efforts, we are often asked to have a location where potential adopters can come and see multiple dogs at one time. It is also necessary to have a space where training can occur. Whether it be basic obedience training or service dog training through our S.P.A.R.K.E.D program; adequate space is essential.  Eventually, we also hope to offer temporary shelter for pets of domestic violence situations so the owner won’t stay in an abusive relationship just to make sure their pet is not harmed or destroyed.

S.P.A.R.K.E.D. – Saving Paws Animal Rescue K-9’s Empowering the Disabled

Go to to learn more about this program and the other great activities the shelter is involved with.

Phase 1 of our project is to buy or remodel an existing location and set up a permanent canine rescue.  This new property will have:

  • Adequately sized kennels to house easy to place rescues.
  • 1-2 rooms for potential adopters to meet with and spend time with their potential new family member.
  • Space for birthing and nursing moms and their puppies during those critical first weeks.
  • An open area for training all rescues in basic obedience skills as well as service dog training for our S.P.A.R.K.E.D. program.
  • Adequet outside space for socialization.

The property will be centrally located within the Fox Valley.

The proceeds from your purchase of a memorial brick for your loved one or companion animal will be put directly to this project. These bricks and tiles will be a part of our new location on display for generations to come.

Please direct any questions regarding our engraved brick campaign to Betsy Moder at

At Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc. each donation made is a literal building block to the success of our fundraising effort. This is true both in terms of financial gain and an engraved brick installation that is a constant reminder of the generosity put forth by you and the rest of the community.

Purchase an engraved brick in your name or the name of a friend or family member; in the name of your pet or pets, past and present; in celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary; in honor of a soldier or veteran; or in memory of someone you love. Businesses, firms and organizations are also encouraged to participate.

The laser engraving process produces commemorative bricks of the highest quality that will last for hundreds and hundreds of years as a testament to the generosity you have displayed by donating to this cause. This ensures that you will always have a fond reminder of the difference you have made in your community and our cause.

Each commemorative brick campaign is made possible by the generosity of people like you. Donate today and become a part of the success of this cause. Thank You. A Fundraising Brick campaign is a perfect choice for any celebration, memorial or cause. Click here for inspiration on your own commemorative brick campaign.

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