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Riverbend Bark Park Engraved Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The brick fundraiser is to improve the Riverbend dog park. Money will be used to pay for pavers, maintenance, fencing, water, seating, dog toys and dog exercise equipment.

For additional information regarding our Engraved Brick Fundraiser please contact Bill Wickham at bwickham53@gmail.com

Commemorative bricks are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate family milestones and honor or memorialize loved ones.  Recognize a special person in your life. Recognize your pets, past and present; Honor a teacher, student or friend; commemorate a special person, occasion-the possibilities are endless.“Leave Your Mark on Riverbend”; Donate today and don’t miss out on being a part of our brick fundraiser.

 Please know how much your decision to support our efforts will mean to the community as a whole and that it will be greatly appreciated by Riverbend Bark Park. We look forward to your donation to help us reach our goal with this engraved brick campaign that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Your personalized engraved brick will serve as an inspiration and reminder of your generosity to the Riverbend Bark Park.

Each contribution made to this cause is a literal building block to Riverbend Bark Park commemorative brick campaign success. Donate today to become a lifelong part of our worthy cause. Thank you for your patronage.

A Fundraising Brick campaign is the perfect way to raise funds for your next big cause or commemoration. Plus it really shows your appreciation to each contributor. For more inspiration on a donor brick campaign of your own, click here and explore all your options.

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