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Ridgefield Little League:  Brick Campaign for Tomorrow’s Players

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RIDGEFIELD LITTLE LEAGUE (RLL) has embarked on a capital campaign to raise funds for the construction and maintenance of a new baseball facility in South Ridgefield conveniently situated off of Route 7.

Equipped with LED lights, announcers’ booth and plenty of parking, this much needed state of-the-art facility will be the pride of the Ridgefield Little League program, allowing baseball to remain competitive with other sports in town and comparable with baseball facilities in neighboring communities.

RLL is committed to giving each player the best baseball experience possible. This facility will keep Ridgefield Little League relevant and attractive to players for years to come.

The Town of Ridgefield has provided the location in conjunction with the State of Connecticut along with a 25 year lease.


For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Shelley Terry at shelleyterryllc@yahoo.com.

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Yes, even your small donation helps. And your kindness will be engraved in brick and become part of a commemorative walkway, memorial or wall, which will serve as a reminder to your community that ordinary people such as yourself can accomplish extraordinary things when they come together and rally behind an important cause.

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