Randolph County Humane Society Paw Path Brick Fundraiser2019-03-26T21:36:30-05:00

Randolph County Humane Society Paw Path Brick Fundraiser

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Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

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The Randolph County Humane Society (RCHS) and its subsidiary, Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control (FoPAC) are seeking the community’s support to construct a brick pathway in beautiful Overlook Park beside the Black River. The path will be located in the serene park where many local residents and visitors alike stroll beside the river, many accompanied by their pets.
The sale of the bricks will serve a dual purpose in that the new path will be an added attraction to the park and the donations from the purchase of the bricks will be used to construct a new facility for Pocahontas Animal Control. The current facility is in dire need of replacing. It was constructed in the early 198o’s and is both unsightly and unsecure. The relationship between RCHS, FoPAC and Pocahontas Animal Control is of vital importance to the welfare of not only the animals that are located there, but to the entire community.
This is a win-win for everyone who participates in the project. A beautiful brick path that will be highly visible and enjoyed by many for years to come and a new facility for the animals of our community. The brick sales project is a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved person or pet, give recognition to a person or pet, or to simply show your support to the project.

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