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Porterville College Veterans Monument Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Fundraiser Order Details: Limited number of bricks remaining.


The Porterville College Foundation is proud to support the construction of a veterans monument at the Porterville College campus center, nestled between the existing boulders under the giant sycamore tree. The monument will honor those who have served and be a reminder of freedom’s sacrifice for generations to come. All proceeds to benefit the monument construction and the Porterville College Veterans Resource Center’s purchase of student bricks.

For more information regarding our engraved brick fundraiser, please contact the Porterville College Veterans Resourse Center at 559-791-2222.

The act of donating to a fundraiser of any kind is tremendously rewarding both for you and the cause involved. However by donating to the Porterville College Foundation brick campaign, we elevate your contribution to a higher level by creating a visible inscription of your generosity that can be seen for years to come.

Using state-of-the-art laser engraving technology each brick donated stands for a lifetime as a constant reminder to you, your family and the community of the generosity that you displayed as part of our worthy cause.

As always, the success of the Porterville College Foundation  brick campaign is in your hands. Donate today and make a lasting difference for our commemorative brick campaign. Thank you.

 Engraved brick campaigns are an excellent way to celebrate life and fund important causes. If you’re interested in a Fundraising Brick campaign, click here to explore the possibilities.

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