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Orchard Hill Playground Engraved Brick Fundraiser

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Leave a lasting impression on the Orchard Hill Playground with a personalized engraved brick.

As we work toward making our school the best it can be, the parent/teacher group, POWWER, at OH Elementary is asking our Orchard Hill families and local businesses to purchase a personalized engraved brick that will be placed at the entrance to the new playground.  Proceeds will go directly toward improvements and enhancements of the outdoor space behind OH.  POWWER understands the importance of a safe place for children to exercise and escape during the school day.  Studies have proven the value of these spaces and how they impact the education a child receives.

Some bricks were put in place in 2019 and we have plans to place additional bricks the summer of 2021.  Stop by the playground and see all the supporters.  Don’t miss your opportunity to leave a lasting impression at Orchard Hill.

 For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Randy Husted at RandyHusted92@gmail.com

Orchard Hill appreciates your help! They can’t reach their fundraising goal without you.

Your donation will send a message that you are the kind of person who cares and who
lends a hand when needed.

A small donation. A big difference.

The engraved brick installation at the Orchard Hill Playground entrance will bear the names of those who came together and made a difference. It will serve as a reminder to others of the importance of charity.

Thank you for your donation!!

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