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Nick’s Original Big Train Bar – “Nick’s Bricks”

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Nick’s Original Big Train Bar was operated by the Castrogiovanni family from 1918 until closing.  When it reopens it will again be owned and operated by our family.  The bartenders and patrons were also a part of the history of this special place.

As we rebuild this legendary establishment, we invite your patrons and friends to make their mark on Mr. Nick’s Patio with memory bricks.

Commemorate your first drink, your unforgettable frat party, the spot where you fell in love, or just your favorite drink.  Your memory will become a permanent part of Mr. Nick’s Patio.

For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign, please email

Purchase a brick with a special permanent inscription to convey your love, concern, appreciation or support for people, causes, or organizations dear to you: Our commemorative bricks are laser engraved, which means they last a lifetime as a reminder that you care about a personal achievement or occasion. They’re a great opportunity for any occasion and are sure to make a difference in your community, or honor that special person. Engraved bricks are a great option for any fundraising effort or gift idea. Engrave a brick in your name or the name of a loved one; honor a soldier or veteran; honor a firefighter or police officer; in memory of a special person in your life; honor a teacher or student; recognize your school or church; mark a special date in your life (graduation, birthday, baptism, communion, anniversary, or wedding), the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss out and donate to “Nick’s Bricks” fundraiser today!

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