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Nation Ford High School Brick Garden


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Don’t Miss Out Order Your Personalized Brick Today!

Nation Ford High School is about to celebrate 10 years!!

The NAFO Athletic Booster Club is excited to offer you the opportunity to add your name to the many other Falcon families, friends and classmates that want to add to the legacy of Nation Ford HS.

Please join us in ordering a custom personalized brick that will become a permanent part of Nation Ford High School to leave a small trace of all the students who have gone through the NAFO halls.

All monies earned through the project will go directly to the Athletic Booster Club to support all student athletes, as well as band members and other school clubs and organizations.  You can direct that 10% of the proceeds from your purchase be funded directly to the sport, band or club of your choice.

Each brick will become a permanent part of Nation Ford HS and placed inside the stadium grounds.  Buy a brick(s) with your graduation year, children’s name and graduation year, in honor of a fallen classmate or loved one, the score from your favorite game, the possibilities are endless.

Preserve your NAFO memories for future Falcons to enjoy.

 For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign, please email Brian Raczynski at

When you donate to NAFO you’re becoming a real part of their cause. By ordering a commemorative, laser engraved brick, you’re helping improve our community and our school. To put it simply, you’re making a difference, which is an unbeatable feeling. Make a difference, donate to our brick fundraiser today.

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