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Museum of the Marine Engraved Brick Campaign

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To help build the 25,000 square foot Museum of the Marine, which will memorialize the contributions of the Marines and Sailors who have served in the Carolinas since 1941 with the same level of honor and commitment as they so gallantly served our nation; and to fully appreciate the host communities who have stood side-by-side in support of them and their families.

The Museum of the Marine will be centrally located near Camp Lejeune, situated on three-plus acres of land. Highlights will include the Great Hall, Corps and Communities Gallery, a World Warriors Gallery, Innovation Gallery, Retail Store, Café,’ and an Outdoor Reflective Area and Courtyard. Phase I of construction, a Reflection and Celebration Park, completed in 2016, featuring the world’s largest bronze Eagle, Globe, and Anchor sculpture.

In addition to commemorating the history of the Marines and Sailors of the Carolinas, the Museum will host a variety of formal and informal events, from promotion, reenlistment and retirement ceremonies, to reunions, to educational workshops and other special offerings. Our museum will welcome, intrigue, and inspire thousands of visitors each year.

Note: The museum reserves the right to review all orders for inappropriate content prior to fulfilling your brick order. While we wish to have bricks installed within 60 days of order placement, brick installation times may vary based on volume and installer scheduling.

Should you have questions about your brick order, please contact Steve Lunsford at

Each brick will become a permanent part of the Museum of the Marine. Buy a brick in honor or in memory of or in honor of a veteran and those who have served.

The act of donating to a fundraiser of any kind is tremendously rewarding both for you and the cause involved. However by donating to the Museum of the Marine commemorative brick campaign, we elevate your contribution to a higher level by creating a visible record of your generosity in the form of the honor garden.

Using our state-of-the-art laser engraving process each brick donated stands for a lifetime as a constant reminder to you, your family and the community of the generosity that you displayed as part of this worthy cause.

As always, the success of this campaign is in your hands. Donate today and make a lasting difference for this commemorative brick campaign. Thank you.

Engraved brick campaigns are an excellent way to celebrate life and fund important causes. If you’re interested in a Fundraising Brick campaign, click here to explore the possibilities.

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