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Mountain Island Day School Brick Fundraiser

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Be a part of Mountain Island Day School history! What a wonderful way to leave your mark on our school. A brick purchase will honor a special person at the school, in your family or your child’s achievements.  Purchasing a brick will help raise funds for improvements to our new campus. Bricks can be custom created by you. Families can design their own brick and chose what they would like to have engraved on their brick. 4×8 bricks are $75 and 8×8 bricks are $125. Thank you for your support!

For questions regarding our engraved brick fundraiser, please contact
Tammy Winstead at

A commemorative engraved brick from Mountain Island Day School is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike other fundraisers that give you one day of recognition or a small thank you package, brick fundraising gives you a lifetime of recognition. That recognition comes in the form of a laser engraved brick with your name on it, which is then combined with all the other donor bricks to be placed in our parking areas that is proudly displayed by this organization. It’s a perfect way to display your generosity to your family, friends and neighbors and make an impact in your community.

Purchase a brick through the Mountain Island Day School. Engrave your brick with a special inscription to convey your love, concern, appreciation or support for people, causes, or organizations dear to you:

Remember a loved one; Honor & Remember those whom have served; Celebrate a friend or family member’s achievement; Celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary; Mark a special date in your own life; Show support of your business, school, church or other organization. There are endless reasons and possibilities for what you inscribe on your commemorative engraved brick. Donating to Mountain Island Day School brick fundraising campaign means that you have a place that you can go to and physically see the difference you have made for the rest of your life. Donate Today!

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