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Merryville High School Buy A Brick Campaign

Building a Better Merryville

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

“This project is designed to not only help support Merryville High School athletics and its athletes but to also show how every person in this community, past and present, plays a significant role in building our future. This project will raise funds for upgrading our facilities while beautifying our campus in a way where everyone can see. Students, alumni, businesses and people of the community will have their name forever displayed to see the major role that every helping hand plays in the betterment of our school. This is a way to recognize everyone for all of the unending support that we are all very blessed to have at Merryville High School.”

Direct questions to Coach Powell at

Don’t just make a donation to a cause, become a part of it. With the Building a Better Merryville engraved brick campaign, you can be sure that that is exactly what you’re doing. Your contribution will be displayed publicly in the walkway, memorial structure, etc. that results from this fundraiser for generations to come.

The process of laser engraving a brick is the most durable of any method to date. It means that your generosity will be visible for you and your family to admire for a lifetime.

The success of this cause and all of our others rests in the hands of community members like you. Donate to this campaign and make a lasting contribution that you can be proud of. Thank you.

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