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Living Stones Church – Fishes & Loaves Pantry Engraved Tile Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: September 1, 2015.  

Living Stones Church desires to make food pantries as we know them obsolete.  “Fishes and Loaves” will empower large cohorts of our residents to become more self-sufficient by growing food for their communities instead of using only the pantry. Through the use of agricultural micro loans and farmers’ markets, communities will be transformed by a shift in mindset from that of consumer to producer. The phenomenon of hunger has an adverse impact at all levels of our society, especially with our youth where it can be linked to deficits in learning and academic achievement.

Through “Fishes and Loaves” residents at the grass roots level will learn how to not only grow their own food but also augment their income with this green technology. “Fishes and Loaves” will partner with teachers at the elementary and middle school levels to identify and connect with families that need assistance and/or enrolled in our weekend meal Backpack program. Those families choosing to participate will enable “Fishes to Loaves” to educate both parents and children about the nutritional and economic benefits of growing their own food. Program participants will be taught to use a state of the art but economical technology in both traditional and non-traditional growing spaces. All of the program participants will be a member of the grower’s cooperative and will contribute a portion of their crops to the pantry and sell produce to select area businesses. In addition, “Fishes and Loaves” will have periodic pop up pantries in select schools, after the school day has ended and on weekends.

We are currently raising funds for space for this unique pantry. ”Fishes and Loaves” when fully operational will be a positive program promoting healthy living and self-sufficiency while building self-esteem that creates a stronger community.

For more information, please contact Dave C. Joseph Jr. at

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