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Eastern Shore Regional Fire Training Center


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The Line of Duty Death Memorial is to honor the fallen fire, rescue and EMS service providers of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  A committee appointed by both the Accomack and Northampton Fire Commission worked to develop the site plan, policies, procedures and the conceptual drawing of the memorial.

 Please direct questions to Billie Jean Miles at (757) 789-3610 or

Commemorative bricks are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate family milestones and honor or memorialize loved ones. Recognize a special person in your life. Honor a casual effort; commemorate a special occasion-the possibilities are endless. Donate today and don’t miss out on being a part of this brick campaign. Please know how much your decision to support our efforts will mean to the community as a whole and that it will be greatly appreciated by Line of Duty Death Memorial. We look forward to your partnership with the efforts of the our organization in our goal with this engraved brick campaign that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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