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Life Church Legacy Brick Campaign 2017

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: June 30th, 2017

Legacy Bricks! For our future and yours!

Life Church is on Phase 3 of our building project, and an outdoor area is part of this phase. We are planning for a garden/outdoor amphitheater area with walkways and enjoyable greenery and covered areas to just sit and eat, talk and connect. These bricks will be part of that landscape and will give us all the opportunity to have someone or something memorialized into this beautiful space. How about celebrating a loved one, someone who served in the military, the name God calls you, your favorite verse, family members, even your love for the Beavers or Ducks :) REMEMBER – what you type in on your order below will be exactly what gets printed on the brick, so double check before you submit your order. Thank you for being a part of the Legacy Brick campaign and helping establish new areas for us to grow in and enjoy!!

Please direct questions regarding our engraved brick fundraiser to Jodi at or call 503 362 0362.

Commemorative bricks are laser engraved, which means they last a lifetime as a reminder that you care about a personal achievement, occasion, and your community. They’re a great opportunity for any occasion and are sure to make a difference in your community, or honor that special person and even just because. Engrave a brick in your name or the name of a loved one; honor a soldier or veteran; honor a firefighter or police officer; in memory of a special person in your life; honor a teacher or student; recognize your school or church; mark a special date in your life (graduation, birthday, baptism, communion, anniversary, or wedding), the possibilities are endless.

Each donation made to our cause is a literal building block to Life Church’s brick campaign success. Donate today to become a lifelong part of this worthy cause. Thank you in advance for your patronage.

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