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Lakeland Actors Charity Performance Co.

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

1903 Heritage House Restoration Wall & Sidewalk Brick Fundraiser

Welcome and thank you for visiting our fundraising brick  Order Page.  We appreciate the fact that you are interested in helping our group Repair, restore and save this 1903 Ford Family farm homestead.  Yes SAVE this farmhouse heritage of Marshall county Kentucky. It is one of only a handful of homes still standing from before 1910 in the county.  It is very livable but needs to be  repaired and saved.

          We are offering to recognize every supporter with a brick in the Commemorative walkway we will build in front of the house.  The walkway has room for 4320 bricks.   Receiving support for sales of all the bricks  will be more than enough to repair the home and have maintenance for the next hundred years of the homes existence.

      Please ,now that you are here, Join with us in this great endeavor and keep a part of  the American Heritage preserved for ourselves and our posterity.

Our direct phone line is 270-252-9047  9a.m. to 5 p.m. CST USA Monday-Friday. We are on Facebook under Lakeland Actors Charity Performance Company. A Kentucky Non-Profit group. For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Mr. Sandy W. Foust  Director at

        Thank You for your attention and Your Assistance, that  is needed before this winter (2016) sets in,  for us to complete the repairs.  We would love to see your messages as a permanent part of our Commemorative Walkway.  Thank You again.  Truly Mr. Sandy W. Foust Director.

The world we live in was built on two things: stone and teamwork. At Fundraising Brick, we understand this and that’s why our business focuses on both. The brick we use comes in the form of the highest quality bricks that can be engraved with the latest and greatest laser engraving technology. The mark produced by this method is sharper and longer lasting than any other technique available today. The teamwork comes in the form of fundraising. Fundraising is the epitome of bringing together a community to make a financial effort to raise a person or organization to an even higher level.

We combine our bricks and our fundraising into one cohesive resource for you.  Every donation made to Lakeland Actors Charity Performance Company fundraising campaign is the purchase of a commemorative brick with your name on it that will be put into a timeless and distinctive structure meant to honor you and your community’s generosity.

Engraved Commemorative Bricks also work great as a gift for any occasion: weddings, memorials, family reunions, birthdays, personal milestones and so much more. Order a commemorative engraved brick in the name of your family, friends, or neighbors.

We’re confident that a commemorative brick campaign from Fundraising Brick is the right choice for your organizations fundraiser. For more ideas on how you can use our laser engraved bricks, click here.

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