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Klein Weekday Ministries

Pathway to Learning Buy A Brick Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Help Support Our Campaign to Build A New School, “Buy A Brick” and Leave Your Legacy In Our New Custom Sidewalk.

Remember a loved one – Honor & Remember those whom have served – Celebrate a friend or family member’s achievement – Celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary – Mark a special date in your own life – Show support of your business, school, church or other organization.

The possibilities are endless, so donate today and become a permanent a part of the Klein Weekday Ministries.

Please direct questions to Lisa Correia at Lisa@kleinumc.org.

Donate today and have your name set in stone as a tribute to your generosity. That’s not meant to be figurative. A donation to Klein Weekday Ministries is literally buying yourself a spot in an exclusive and limited group of donors that will have their names engraved in a distinct and remarkable brick sidewalk. This walkway that lasts for hundreds of years as a reminder of the difference you and your community have made for this company.

  The process we use to engrave our commemorative bricks is called laser engraving. To date, it’s the most advanced and effective way to engrave stone. The mark made is permanent, which means that it’s guaranteed not to fade and, if it ever does, we’ll replace it no questions asked.

  Compared to similar methods like sandblasting and pantographing, the laser engraving process is cheaper, longer lasting and creates a crisper, finer mark that allows for more design options.

 A laser engraved brick fundraiser is a great choice for celebrating the life of friends and family, as well as promoting any meaningful cause. Click here to learn more about the versatility of a commemorative brick campaign from Fundraising Brick.

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