African American Golfers Museum & ICYG Clubhouse Brick Fundraiser2023-08-07T12:10:25-05:00

African American Golfers Museum & ICYG Clubhouse

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Mission: Inner City Youth Golfers’, Inc. (ICYG) is on a mission to add value to its community through golf, especially with our youth! In cooperation with the African American Golfers Hall of Fame and the African American Collegiate & Youth Hall of Fame, ICYG will develop the ICYG Learning Center & Museum to Celebrate the Accomplishments of Yesterday While Paving the Way for Tomorrow!

Please direct questions to Essie Knowles at 561-758-4272 or email .

Fundraising Brick fundraisers like this one for Inner City Youth Golfers’, Inc. are unique because every donor—no matter how much they give to the cause—is recognized within the commemorative wall, walkway or memorial with their own laser engraved brick.

What’s more, the donor has the freedom to choose what message they send with their brick with our Virtual Brick Tool. This tool allows you to test different inscriptions for engraving until you land on something that’s perfect.

So don’t hesitate to donate to ICYG’s brick campaign today!

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to start a professional or personal fundraising campaign of your own. We’ll set you up with personalized marketing materials including a campaign page just like this one. Let us know your fundraising needs today.

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