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Hope Lutheran Church
A Future With Hope Community & Ministry Center

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: December 31, 2019

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Pastor Shawn Hannon at Office@hopearcade.org or call 585-492-2530.


What is A Future with Hope?
A Future with Hope is a capital campaign dedicated to building a community center in Arcade, NY that will serve the greater Pioneer community.

Who will benefit?
The simplest answer is our youth have the most to gain. Once built, the community center will house regular after-school programming as well as summer opportunities for recreation. There will be organized sport leagues as well as free play opportunities. That said, many of the free and organized play opportunities that will be made available to our youth will also be available for adults. In addition the community center will have a dedicated outreach center designated to address community needs.

In the end, every member of the Pioneer community has something to gain through the creation of a community center. Parents can count on a safe place for their children to go when school is out. Local employers will have more reliable employees knowing that their children have a safe place to learn and grow as they finish their shift. Youth who have access to homework help and organized team sports will do better in school and become more prepared for the future. Those in need will find the support needed for their lives.

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