Friendsville New Generation All Inclusive Playground2020-07-14T13:56:33-05:00

Friendsville New Generation All Inclusive Playground

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

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Kim Rogers at or call 865-995-2831 .


The City of Friendsville is a wonderful place for families to live. We have the small community atmosphere while still being close to a big city. We need somewhere to bring our children and grandchildren, so they can play, enjoy the beauty outside and make childhood memories. Our “New Generation Project” will start with an All-Inclusive Playground to provide social interaction between children with and without disabilities.

The only way we can accomplish this goal is with the help of organizations like yours to provide resources necessary to make it happen. We would be grateful for the donation of gift cards to sell at a silent auction to enable us to purchase and install all-inclusive playground equipment.

The All-Inclusive Playground and Pavilion area will be able to serve all children. People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the United States, and the only one that anyone can join at any time. Your investment will help ensure that children with special needs will be a participant instead of a spectator. We want to provide an opportunity for every child to be able to experience the freedom of being a kid.

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