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Fore Honor Forever – Honor Brick Program

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Join us in bringing the first 

P.T.S.D. Wellness and Services Center 

to Jefferson County, MO by becoming a permanent part of our Mission and Vision, Forever, with your very own brick as an important featured piece of our very Foundation.   

We need your appreciated support to bring this very needed P.T.S.D. Military, Veterans, & First Responders Wellness and Services Center to those who are counting on us to make this happen, especially those putting their lives on the line for us all every day. We have a responsibility to serve those willing to sacrifice their lives for our protection and safety, and to do what we can collectively to prevent and stop the 22 PTSD-related suicides per day, as well as offer readjustment services and improved family dynamics assistance to strengthen service families and their children, so all may grow in a positive, healthy and understanding environment.

In turn, you are part of healing, strengthening and lifting our communities up. Thank you for your appreciated support!


Our Mission is to Honor, Respect, and Assist all Military, Veterans, First Emergency Responders, and their Families, especially those diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) and Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.), recognizing these proven warriors who have Served, Protected, Defended, and Sacrificed to protect our freedoms, many of whom continue to put their lives on the line every day.  The ultimate vision is to enable our injured American Heroes to live the best life they can. We want to house supporting organizations that offer assistance, resources, services, counseling, wellness programs, and activities for service- duty- or war-wounded sufferers of P.T.S.D./T.B.I. Our Vision as we grow forward is to create a unique ALL HONOR’S golf course, dedicating tee boxes and greens honoring each branch of service throughout the beautiful acreage. We aim to become the number one venue in our area for any type of Military, Veteran or First Responder social gathering: banquets, family reunions, organization meetings, sharing a meal and drinks with friends and family, or playing a round of golf.

Honor-Themed Memorial Park and Golf Course

·      Design Tee Box/Greens Statuary Honoring Service Branches and Organizations of all who Serve, Protect, Defend, & Sacrifice

·      Install Honor-Inscribed Brick Cart Path and Walkways

·      Display Hillside Memorials and Honor Tributes Recognizing all Service Branches, Service Animals, and other Sacrifices made for our Nation

·      Build Cabins in the woods to provide room and board to those who will benefit from eco-therapy experienced lodging here

COMING SOON: You can follow the progress of our Honor Brick Program on our websites,, (under construction) or follow us on Facebook

Once we reach 1,000+ bricks, we can begin construction!  Thank you for your support! All donations are non-refundable. In any event which would prevent the completion of the Honor Brick Program, donation money would then be applied to the Mission and Vision of Honor, Respect, Healing, & Wellness.

Encryption must not include any vulgar derogatory language or imagery, and most importantly must:

Honor any Deserving Person, Family, or Organization to be Proudly Respected and Recognized  on our New Tee Box Surround, Stairway, Ramp, or Path


 For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign, please call Andrea or Sarah at 636-671-0447 or email

You want to make a difference in the community. This is your chance.

Donate a brick to Fore Honor Forever Honor Brick Program today and help them reach their fundraising goal. You’ll earn the opportunity to be a part of a walkway commemorating the generosity of your community.

You’re always telling yourself that you need to be more charitable. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

And you’ll be making a noticeable difference. More than a bake sale or trivia night, brick fundraising gives more of the profit back to the organization in question. That means you’ll be making a real difference for a real organization in your community. Complete the form above to donate today!

And, if you’d like to start a fundraising project of your own, feel free to contact us. We’ll answer all questions you might have and even set you up with personalized marketing materials. Chat with us now.

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