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Denver City Ex-Student’s Scholarship Fund Engraved Brick Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick


The money’s raised from this campaign will go toward Scholarships for two (2) Graduating Seniors each year.  We will give to a Senior Girl and a Senior boy.

Buy a brick with the year you graduated, when your children graduated, in honor of your favorite teacher, in memory of a fallen classmates, a score from your favorite game you played in. Celebrate family milestones and honor or memorialize loved ones.  Recognize that special person in your life. Honor a casual effort; commemorate a special occasion-the possibilities endless with our brick laser engraving technology. Donate today and don’t miss out on being a part of Denver City Ex-Student Scholarship Fund engraved donor brick campaign.


Please direct questions to Suzie Parker

The world we live in was built on two things: stone and teamwork. At Fundraising Brick, we understand this and that’s why our business focuses on both. The stone we use comes in the form of the highest quality bricks that can be engraved with the latest and greatest laser engraving technology. The mark produced by this method is sharper and longer lasting than any other technique available today. The teamwork comes in the form of fundraising. Fundraising is the epitome of bringing together a community to make a financial effort to raise a person or organization to an even higher level.

 We combine our bricks and our fundraising into one cohesive resource for you.  Every donation made to one of our fundraising campaigns is the purchase of a commemorative brick with your name on it that will be put into a timeless and distinctive walkway, wall, memorial or garden meant to honor you and your community’s generosity.

We’re confident that a commemorative brick campaign from Fundraising Brick is the right choice for your organizations fundraiser. For more ideas on how you can use our laser engraved bricks, click here.

 Commemorative Bricks also work great as a gift for any occasion: weddings, memorials, family reunions, birthdays, personal milestones and so much more. Order a commemorative brick, tile, replica brick or magnet for your family friends or neighbors today.

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