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Saving Daufuskie’s History – Brick by Brick Fundraiser

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Every community evolves and adapts over time, and Daufuskie is no exception.  We often talk about how people shaped our past, or how a technology altered our way of life.  Yet, it seems we often neglect the foundation of our community – the land we walk and the water that surrounds us.

While our relationship with the water as our lifeline and a provider of sustenance for generations is well documented, we seem to forget the role the land has played.  Without its soil, there would have been no Indigo or Sea Island cotton to help fuel the growth of a young America

In 2017, the Historical Foundation has embarked on a project to make our agricultural heritage a permanent part of the museum assets and create a living exhibit that will provide visitors a hands-on opportunity to learn about our historical cash crops and how they helped drive economic development in the region.  This new outdoor display will also exhibit the many native and imported plantings that are unique to the Low Country.  These gardens will provide the back drop for improved handicapped access and parking while enhancing the overall appearance of the museum complex.

Connecting the elements of these new displays and YOU, our wonderful supporters, will be a beautiful brick walkway.  Each brick will serve as recognition of your support and may be dedicated to family members, friends or simply someone and something that shaped your personal history.

We can do this with your help – Brick by Brick.  Help others explore history.  Name a brick (or two!) today!

For more information regarding our engraved brick fundraiser, please contact Jodee Brunning at or call (404) 867-6727.

 When you participate in Saving Daufuskie’s History – Brick by Brick, you have the opportunity to:

Honor a loved one or a friend – Recognize special dates – In memory of a special person and much more!

Your donation to Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation is not just for today. It is a permanent testament to your generosity, which will be admired for years to come. Your Fundraising brick is a symbol of your support in helping save the history of our wonderful island.

So on behalf of Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation, thank you for donating a commemorative brick. And, because this organization partnered with Fundraising Brick, you can be sure that your brick will not only be top-notch quality, but will also long into the future.

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