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Engraved Brick Campaign
A lasting and fitting tribute to honor those who give of themselves in selfless service to others
Crossing Center

The Crossings Center Memorial Park is a special place dedicated to honoring and remembering people and organizations which make a positive impact on the lives of others. It is a place not only for the Lewiston community but for the entire region. It is a place to permanently express our gratitude for the selfless service of those being honored and remembered.

VETERANS’ MEMORIAL – The Crossings Center Memorial Park is dedicated especially as a Veterans’ Memorial to honor and remember the brave and selfless service of the men and women who serve and have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  Grateful citizens are encouraged to recognize and remember anyone who has served regardless of where they are from or lived. Many will also want to commemorate their own service. The primary goal is to recognize as many people as possible…lest we forget.

EMERGENCY SERVICES & VOLUNTEERS – The Crossings Center Memorial Park also recognizes the faithful service of Emergency Services personnel and the bedrock of our community, volunteers. As our Armed Forces protect us at the highest level, civil servants protect us and provide emergency services everyday here at home. With this awareness, it became obvious that we need to honor and remember the sacrifice of our civil servants; our police, fire fighters, and emergency medical responders.

Furthermore, our country wasn’t founded “by the government” or “for the government”, it was founded “by the people and for the people”!  People are what make this country! People are what make our community! Over the history of our rural area, selfless men and women have given of their time, talent and treasure to make our communities not just survive but thrive!  Southeast Minnesota is a great place to live due to the efforts of volunteers and folks inspired by service organizations, churches and groups that support our communities. You see, our communities aren’t just places to sleep and call home – they are places to serve God and to serve Country…places to serve those in most need.

SPECIAL PEOPLE – The Crossings Center Memorial Park is also a place to remember any person that has made a positive impact on the lives of others – a family member, friend, teacher, mentor, coach, pastor or religious leader. These bricks will be placed amongst the 4 acres of beautifully landscaped flower beds and along the Memorial Walkway.

Crossings Center Memorial Park personnel will place the engraved bricks into their places of honor throughout the year. You will be notified when your brick(s) are installed.  Two significant dates will be especially celebrated at the Memorial Park; Memorial Day and Veterans Day. To ensure your brick is placed prior to one of those occasions, orders must be placed by March 15 for Memorial Day and September 15 for Veterans Day. Crossings Center Memorial personnel will determine the location of placement. You may request where you would like the bricks placed however only Veterans, EMS Personnel and Volunteers can be placed in the actual monument areas. All other honorees will be placed throughout the grounds at the final discretion of Crossings Center management.



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