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Connor’s Stadium at Denton Sports Complex Renovation Engraved Brick Campaign

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“To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Denton Sports Complex, the City will nominate Connor’s Stadium to the National Register of Historic Places and renovate the baseball park.  The complex was completed in 1940 as a WPA project.  The ball park is one of those few in the nation with the designation of “Wooden Ball Park” saved by the WPA in the ‘40s,  The field is also featured as the “best amateur ball park” in the nation in the online Baseball Stadium Museum (

 Because it is a historic facility and more importantly, a treasured local landmark, maintaining the historical design aesthetic and preserving the historical character while modernizing the facility is important.  This project is aboutpreserving a landmark that is woven deeply into the community’s collective experience.  The renovations will honor the teams that have played at this beautiful ball park and ensure the future of the stadium for the youth and community to enjoy. 

The American Legion emblem was chosen for the bricks to honor the long term commitment and dedication of local American Legion Post #5 to the game of baseball and to Miles City’s Connors Stadium in the Denton Sports Complex.

 Funds raised through the sale of these bricks, along with other donations, will be used to match grants to fund Phase I of the renovation project.  Phase I includes demolition and replacement of  the roof canopy and press box structure in time for the 2016 spring season.  The existing structure has deteriorated over the years and the City wishes to ensure a safe facility for baseball teams and fans into the future.  Phases II and III include construction of accessible bathrooms and grandstands on the third base line, and renovation of the dugouts and locker rooms.

 The bricks will be permanently displayed as a cap on top of the wall that runs up the stairs and around the front of the grandstand.

 No deadline – we will sell only 381 brick as we have limited space to display them

 For more information, please contact Connie Muggli at

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