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City of Griffin – Solomon Park/Amphitheater Engraved Brick Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The Griffin Main Street Program along with the Griffin Downtown Council has launched its official “Solomon Park/Amphitheater” fundraising campaign designed to aid in the development of a Park and an Amphitheatre in the block between 5th and 6th streets along Solomon Street. The fundraising campaign will be inclusive of the selling of engraved brick pavers which will be installed throughout the walkways and in other VIP designated locations in the Park. The engraved bricks will feature multiple options to include; three, two and single lines of engraving.  Choose your brick to commemorate a friend or loved one, advertise your business, be a part of history making or just for the fun of it.

Please direct questions to Kenda Woodard at

A commemorative brick campaign from Fundraising Brick is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike other fundraisers that give you one day of recognition or a small thank you package, Fundraising Brick gives you a lifetime of recognition. That recognition comes in the form of a laser engraved brick with your name on it, which is then combined with all the other donor bricks to create a distinct walkway that is proudly displayed by The Griffin Main Street Program. It’s a perfect way to display your generosity to your family, friends and neighbors and make an impact in your community.

A commemorative brick campaign is the perfect choice for any personal cause or organization. So, whether you’re looking to raise funds for a hospital, church, zoo, museum, library, school or just honor a loved one, take the first step in starting your own Fundraising Brick campaign. Click here to find more inspiration for your commemorative brick campaign today.

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