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Chicopee Village Memorial Garden Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

In honor of Chicopee Village residents of past and present; in addition, to celebrate the future of Chicopee Village, the Association of Chicopee Village Residents has created a memorial garden at the corner of A Ave and 2nd St. Under the shade of the Southern Magnolia and Oak Trees, visitors can sit on benches or walk along a brick lined path to admire the roses and flowers. This brick fundraiser will both supply bricks for the path and raise the funds for the installation of the bricks, the benches, the sign, and memorial plaques.

For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Mallory Pendleton at

Having trouble deciding what to put on your brick or tile donation to Chicopee Village? Use our Virtual Brick Tool to try different configurations of inscriptions to be laser engraved on your brick. Turn your Fundraising Brick into a personalized message of inspiration, or just put your name on the brick as a permanent testament to your generosity and donation to Chicopee Village’s brick campaign.

A small donation can make a difference. Chicopee Village’s finished memorial garden will prove for generations to come that communities can rally behind a worthy cause.

So go ahead. Make a small donation to Chicopee Village today and help others out right here in your community.

And, if you have an organization of your own that you’d like to raise funds for, contact us. Our fundraising support team will get you started today.

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