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BSRA Brick Walk Buy A Brick Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

This project will be a brick walkway leading into the boathouse. Each brick sold will be engraved as per the specifications of the donor.  The bricks can reflect a rowers name, school, boat, coach, parent etc.….….a true reflection of all who have been a part of BSRA! 100 % of the brick walk profits will go into the building fund and used to assist in getting the boathouse finished!


For more information regarding our engraved brick campaign, please call Hilary Epes at 716-982-4067 or email

Small donations can make a big difference. By donating a brick to BSRA, you’ll be supporting charitable efforts right here in your own community.

With some fundraisers, you give your money away and have no idea what comes of it. Not so with Fundraising Brick’s fundraisers—BSRA will be able to commemorate the fundraiser for years to come with a walkway made of bricks with each and every donors’ name and message.

The memorial is like a big ‘thank you’ to the people who made the fundraising campaign possible. People like you. Donate today!

And, if you’d like to start your own fundraising initiative—whether it’s for a church, school, zoo, park or any other organization—get in touch with the fundraising experts at Fundraising Brick. We’ll set you up with personalized marketing materials, 24/4 customer service and, of course, a personalized campaign page.

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