Bricks 4 Bucks Bonus Rewards Program

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Brick$ 4 Buck$ Bonus Rewards Program

For businesses and nonprofits that are purchasing large quantities of laser engraved bricks or tiles, we have a new program you’re going to love.

How The Brick$ 4 Buck$ Bonus Rewards Program Works

Here is how our “Brick$ 4 Buck$ Bonus Rewards Program” works.

As your organization purchases bricks, you’ll earn discounts and free bricks (or tiles), helping you achieve your fundraising goals even faster than before.

For example, if you order 500 bricks (or tiles), you qualify for a 2.5% discount on your order and you also will receive 20 additional bricks (or tiles) at no charge to you. Meanwhile, if you purchase ten thousand bricks (or tiles), you will earn a hefty 8% discount rate plus 125 free bricks (or tiles).

All this means is that the more bricks or tiles you purchase, the less you have to spend and the more dollars’ flow through to help achieve your fundraising goals!  Here is the official breakdown:

Brick$ 4 Buck$ Bonus Rewards Program Discount Breakdown
Qty of Bricks Discount % # of Free Bricks
100 0 1
200 1.0% 5
300 2.0% 10
500 2.5% 20
1000 4.0% 25
1500 5.0% 50
3000 6.0% 75
5000 7.0% 100
10000 8.0% 125

Raise More Funds Faster

Almost every business or nonprofit can benefit from this program when purchasing at least 100 tiles or bricks.   As a fundraising organization, the discount allows you to charge exactly the same price for your bricks or tiles as before.

The bonus is that your organization gets to keep a greater percentage of each purchase made.

Rewards Program Benefits & Additional Fundraising Sources

Furthermore, the complimentary bricks are like free money.  You can sell those, too – only you keep 100% of the proceeds.

Fundraising Brick will track your organization’s purchases through a tracking report upon request.

What’s more, once you’re enrolled in this program, you have the ability to keep earning rewards through the lifetime of your relationship with Fundraising Brick.

And as a loyal rewards customer, we’ll be sure to keep you informed when we run specials where your business or nonprofit can earn larger discounts or greater numbers of free bricks.

At Fundraising Brick, we have always been your go to source for high quality laser engraved tiles and bricks, and now we can help you achieve your financial goals even faster with our BRICK$ 4 BUCK$ program.

Contact us to learn more or to sign up for the “Brick$ 4 Buck$ Bonus Rewards Program” today!

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