How to Use Social Media for Rescue Group Fundraising

Running an animal rescue group can be a very rewarding task. However, it is always a challenge to make sure you have the funds necessary to keep your group operating so you can keep rescuing animals and making a difference. Luckily, fundraising today can be easier than it was in years past. That is because social media allows you to get in touch with potential donors with just a few mouse clicks. Here are five tips to help you utilize the power of social media and connect with those who may provide some monetary relief for your organization.

Fill out Your Profile in Full – No matter what social media site you use, you have access to a profile creator. Take advantage of that profile to show potential donors more about your organization and what you stand for as well. Do not forget to add an appealing profile picture—perhaps your logo or a photo of one of the animals you have rescued.

Share Valuable Content – Do you have a blog or do you produce content that would be useful to your followers and potential donors? Your social media sites can be a great place to share this information and get the word out.

Connect Your Accounts – It is easy to set up your social media accounts to work with one another instead of against. For instance, you can post to Instagram and have your post immediately go through to your Facebook followers at the same time. That is an excellent way to save time with your social media marketing efforts.

Choose Interesting Fundraisers – Your social media followers are likely savvy shoppers. You probably can’t use social media to sell candy or other boring merchandise. Consider Fundraising Bricks, for example, as a fun and effective product to use in raising money online.

Don’t Go Overboard – While your social media efforts may be targeted towards earning money, remember that the point of social media is to connect with others who share your passion. Use your account to impact lives—not just raise funds.

Once you get started, you may find that social media is your best fundraising tool in your never ending quest to rescue those animals that are so near and dear to your heart. Just remember, social media is a tool, not the only tool. So, do not forget other methods of community outreach too!

By combining social media with standard fundraising methods, you will reach the largest number of donors and be able to make an enormous difference in the lives of the animals you rescue.

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